The government of the city of Sao Paulo declares state of emergency in an attempt to control the coronavirus spread.

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Sao Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas published on 03/17/2020 a Decree that declares state of emergency in the city of Sao Paulo, in an attempt to control the coronavirus spread.

The Decree shall be in force for an indefinite term, until the situation improves.

Among other actions, the Decree establishes measures concerning health, transportation, labor of public servants, education, etc.

Labor Measures

 Among the general measures concerning the labor of public servants, the most relevant can be summarized as follows:

(i)                 Possibility of seizure of goods belonging to natural persons and legal entities upon demand by the government, against future and fair compensation;

(ii)               Acquisition of goods and materials destinated to fight the pandemic without need to perform public bids;

(iii)             For bodies/institutions that directly deal with the public, the following actions must be considered: the possibility of suspension, reduction and modification of services rendered; the implementation of new temporary conditions and restrictions in the rendering of services to reduce the circulation of people, except for those services who are deemed essential (water and electricity, for example);

(iv)              If it is confirmed that any municipal public servant is contaminated, he/she must take absence leave from work;

(v)                Flexibilization of working hours, in order to prevent entry and exit times from coinciding with rush hours;

(vi)              Adoption of remote working schemes for public servants who are pregnant, nursing, more than 60 years old, who have traveled abroad, and who suffer from any of the illnesses or conditions that increase the risk of development of serious coronavirus symptoms (heart diseases, cancer, etc.). For interns, except for those who work at bodies or institutions related to health, personal attendance shall be dismissed;

Teleworking schemes shall not be eligible to public servants who work for bodies/institutions that render services deemed essential, especially to those whose work is necessary to combat the pandemic (for example, healthcare professionals). To such professionals, vacation leaves shall be suspended for the period of 60 days.

During the emergency period, work trips abroad shall be prohibited.

Transportation Safety Measures

 With respect to transportation, the mayor determined, among other measures, that bus fleets shall comply with the demands, cleanliness and hygiene of buses and shall disseminate safety audio messages in bus terminals.

Health Measures

 With respect to the areas related to health, the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), shall:

(i)                 Train all of its professionals to provide support, diagnosis, and guidance;

(ii)               Establish a screening procedure to identify people who are likely infected;

(iii)             Promote the progressive interruption of classes in the public education system and advise private education institutions to adopt the same procedure.

Cultural Measures

 With respect to cultural activities, the mayor determined that big public events shall be rescheduled, that any other event that may cause the agglomeration of people shall be canceled, and that the granting of licenses for the organization of big and temporary public events shall be suspended.

In addition to that, the following places must be immediately closed: museums, libraries, theatres, municipal cultural centers, and municipal events that cause agglomeration of people must be suspended, such as “Ruas Abertas”.

Finally, with respect to the administrative expedient and the administrative procedures, all legal terms shall be adjourned for 30 (thirty) days.
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