NBF|A collaborates with Garrigues in launching an infrastructure portal with the key and updated information of projects in Latin America

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The lauched portal contains over 80 projects in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru which will shape the region’s development in the forthcoming months in sectors such as energy, road infrastructure, rail, ports, telecommunications, sanitation and mining.

All projects listed in the portal are organized by country and include updated information of their location, financial structure, estimated investment value, term and status. The update of the projects in Brazil will be carried out by the professionals of the NBF|A who collaborated in the launching of the portal and will always be available in Garrigues website, on the link below:


We believe that compiling all of these infrastructure projects into a single portal could become a very useful tool for accessing the key information in a sector expected to concentrate large investments across the region upcoming years.

Our professionals are available for any clarification and additional information.

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